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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to…Diamonds? Creating an Ever-Lasting Memorial Through Science

by | Jan 4, 2021

Fact: Diamonds are forever. 

Fact: Humans are not. 

Science however has found a way to immortalize our loved ones or ourselves by turning the cremated ashes into diamonds. 

A Swiss company called Algordanza was one of the first companies to turn dust into diamonds and was profile recently in The Atlantic. The process takes inner earth millenniums and turns the carbon from human remains into an ever-lasting diamond. 

The companies received over 800 urns every year and turns them into diamonds using presses that apply a pressure of almost 800,000 pounds per square inch at a temperature of up to 2,500°F. The cost ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 and the entire process takes about three months before a diamond can be produced. 

Because of the specific combination of trave elements that are present in each person, each diamond is unique in color. There are a number of variables that can affect the color: remnants of chemotherapy, the presence of metal in the body, and other aspects that can impact the final color. The presence of boron can cause the diamonds to turn out blue. If a decedent had blue eyes, this can be especially meaningful to the loved ones. 

Algordanza does not add other treatments or chemicals to artificially color the gyms, saying “We do not believe in manipulations. As soon as you have additives, there’s something in a diamond that doesn’t belong.”

Many have the diamonds set in a piece of jewelry, however there have been some who have buried the diamond in a special place or thrown them at a favorite fishing spot in a lake. 

LifeGem is an American company that creates diamonds from cremated ashes of a loved one or even a lock of their hair. The company collects the carbon elements from cremated ashes to make the diamonds. The carbon is purified into graphite under high heat and placed into a diamond press. The press exerts high heat and pressure to create a rough diamond, which is cut and polished by skilled diamond cutters, and finally certified for authenticity. The diamonds are identical molecularly to natural diamonds, with the same luster, hardness, and brilliance found in mined diamonds. 

Unlike Algordanza, LifeGem will create a diamond from not a pet’s remains and also from locks of hair from the living or deceased who wish to be buried rather than cremated. 

Our office can’t make a diamond for you – but we can help you capture your story to pass on to loved ones for generations to come. Part of our legacy planning process includes a special recording for each client as a gift to your family to cherish forever!

Call Solution Law Firm today to schedule a time to sit and talk about a Planning Session where we can determine the best ways for you to ensure your legacy of love for your friends and family. 

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