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Three Vital Estate Planning Documents For High School Graduates

The day many of our kids have been waiting for is finally here: high school graduation! If you have a child graduating and about to turn 18, now is the time to prepare, especially if they are about to leave the nest for the first time. 

High school graduation is a major accomplishment and the coming of age is also a major milestone. Like most milestones in life, they’re usually followed by some exciting changes and freedoms. However, they’re also usually followed by new responsibilities. Even though our children will …

A Gift to Your Family and the Environment: Green Burial

For over 100,000 years, we have carried on the tradition of burying our dead in the ground. For a majority of that time, the burials have been green. Embalming began during the Civil War to assist in preserving the bodies of soldiers during their long return route home. This aspect of modern American burial is also the most environmentally harmful.

Green options for burial are making a comeback and a recent AARP poll uncovered 45% of respondents would choose a green burial over cremation or other modern burial if provided the …

Dementia and Guns: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen

While most are aware that their loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia shouldn’t be allowed to drive, they may not realize that caution should also be exercised when restricting access to firearms. 

One of the findings in the May 2018 study published in Annals of Internal Medicine covered firearm ownership among Alzheimer’s patients. The study noted the little attention focused on restricting firearm access to elderly dementia patients while 89% of Americans support restriction of firearm access to th…

The Downsizing Generation: How to Handle a Surplus of Stuff When a Loved One Ages

More and more adult children will be tasked with sorting the belongings of their parents as the baby boomer generation both ages and downsizes. As these people cut down on their personal effects following retirement, furniture, heirlooms, china sets, and other belongings are usually left behind and unwanted.

These items are traditionally passed down to the next generation. Now, the next generation has different tastes, needs, and wa…

Same-Gender Couples Still Face Legal Challenges Over Parental Rights—But Protections Via Estate Planning (Outside of Adoption) Are Available

The LGBTQ community celebrated a huge victory when the Supreme Court ruled that same-gender couples had the right to marry in 2015.  It looked like same-gender couples were finally on their way to equal legal standing with heterosexual couples with the issue of marriage settled.

Even though same-gender couples have nearly all of the same matrimonial rights as heterosexual couples, one important right remains up in the air – t…

Want to Be an Awesome Parent? Stop Stressing and Spend More Time on Self-Care

Most parents can agree that they have all felt guilty at some point for not spending enough time with their children. A huge part of this guilt comes from our culture. American parents feel pressured to dedicate superhuman levels of energy and time to caring for their children to ensure their optimal development. 

This feeling is so prevalent, it has earned names such as “intensive mothering” or “helicopter parenting.” The trouble is, this style of raising a child is extremely taxing on someone’s physical and me…

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